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FREE Strategy Session

Get your FREE STRATEGY SESSION and uncover the huge profit leaks already sucking thousands from your business. Whether you engage us, another firm, or do it yourself, this FREE session will uncover dozens of ways to immediately squeeze more profit out of your business.

Provable Trackable Results

No Guesswork! All components of AMG marketing programs are designed to produce trackable, measurable, and repeatable results. You'll know exactly what your marketing is doing for you.

The Flexibility you need

AMG is your marketing expert whether you want a small stand-alone project or a complete integrated marketing system. We don't stop until you get the results you deserve.

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Great marketing consists of dozens of components integrated into a complete system that identifies prospects, commands their attention, and makes an irresistible case for them to buy. Take a look...


Marketing Strategy

We'll help you create a powerful marketing strategy that integrates message, media, and tactics into a well-oiled profit-producing machine.



Is your website an effective selling machine or just a pretty "online brochure"? Our complete websites and simple tune-ups generate leads and sales like crazy.


Search Engine

The best website in the world won't create sales if nobody sees it. Our SEO experts perform behind the scenes magic that gets you to the top of search rankings.



Nothing commands visitors attention like web videos. With our exclusive Component Level Integration Process (CLIP™) you can have custom videos for a fraction of what others pay.

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Just wait until you see what superior service and true profit-producing marketing can do for your business.


YES you read that right,
and NO, we're not crazy...

As a special way of introducing us to you, we’ll buy your strategy session for you.

No kidding.
No hassles.
No games.

That’s right. We’ll cover the entire cost of the consultation. You pay nothing, and since it’s truly “no obligation,” you’ll owe nothing.

And you don’t have to worry about the fine print, because there’s none of that, either.

You’ll simply meet with our expert profitability consultant and talk about your business. Then he’ll show you exactly where you’re losing money and exactly what to do to fix it.

If you decide to have us deploy our plan for your business, great. We’ll make a little money and you’ll make a lot of money.

If you decide you’re not interested in our help (although we’ll be baffled), no problem. We won’t twist your arm. We’ll simply part friends and wish you the very best.

The only conditions are that you must reserve your spot now because they're extremely limited and our schedule is starting to fill up fast. Also, this offer is only available to Portland area businesses and will be withdrawn without notice.

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